Flea Circus

This is my flea circus!
What is a Flea Circus?

It is an entire big top circus in miniature!! First we have fifi, who performs on the high wire and the trapeze! Then there is Bruno, the worlds strongest flea who turns over a coin in a child’s hand! Last but not least is Fernando who does the high dive into a pool of water and gets shot out of a cannon and into a volunteer's hands!! The audience will be thrilled and amazed at these and other incredible demonstrations starring Ed’s trained fleas.

Flea Training

In Most cases the fleas are ready to perform after just three days of training! Due to their short life span there are always fleas in training. One of the most important things is to train the fleas not to jump. I do this by putting them into a test tube and leaving it horizontal. They jump up and down in the test tube banging their heads on the glass. After a while they learn to walk in stead of jump! I have three dogs and three cats so I never have a shortage of candidates for the circus.


"What I really liked about the flea circus was that not only were the children completely sold on the act, the parents were sitting there trying to figure out how it all worked-everyone was engaged. As one of our parents commented, 'it was a 10+!!'"

Teresa A. Mitus
Youth Services Librarian
West Springfield Public Library


Flea Safety

See Bruno trying out for the Cannon Shot! He's trying out as Fernando's backup!

We have never had an accident in the circus but I am very safety conscious and have taken courses in Flea P.R.!

The Flea Circus is best suited for family and children’s events where the audience is seated. The show is approximately 45 minutes long but can be shorter if needed. It is unique entertainment that captivates children and adults alike. This is great family entertainment that is ideal for fairs, festivals, company events, and birthday parties. Multiple shows are recommended for larger events.


flea postcardFlea facts (in case you are "itching" to know more)

  • The first flea circus was performed in Europe during the 1820’s.
  • A flea can pull up to 160,000 times its own Weight.
  • A flea can jump over 150 times its own size.
  • When jumping, the flea accelerates 50 times faster than the space shuttle.
  • A flea can jump 30,000 times without a break.
  • Fleas alternate the direction of their jumps.